Silver-gilt Cased Dog Nose Tea Equippage Set, c.1700

Dog Nose silver gilt tea equippage set teaspoon mote spoon tongs
Dog Nose silver gilt tea equippage set teaspoon mote spoon tongs DSCN8562 DSCN8563 v3 DSCN8564 v2 DSCN8565 DSCN8566 v2 DSCN8567 v2 DSCN8568 v2 DSCN8569 v3


Tea Equippage Set (cased) - Engraved Dog Nose Pattern; Gilt - London circa 1700 by William Fleming - 94g weight (excluding case) - Case: 17cm x 6.8cm - BK/5333

This is an exquisite silver-gilt, cased set of six teaspoons complete with mote spoon and sugar tongs and dating from the reign of William III.

All eight pieces retain their original, all over, lemon gilt finish and are contained in their original shagreen covered case. The teaspoons are in the foliate engraved dog nose pattern that was produced in England in the few years either side of 1700 and have the sought-after flameback design to the reverse of the bowl and either side of the rattail. The sugar tongs and mote spoon are both exceptionally early examples with the mote spoon having a simple rectangular profile handle attached to a square bowl drilled with five holes (this was used to remove dust motes from the surface of the tea). The tongs have shaped arms, a turned finial to the outside of the bow and a rivetted steel spring  to the inside of the bow. 

The presence of the original case is quite remarkable; the box is a little warped, some of the shagreen to the edges is worn and the red silk lining inside the lid is fraying but given its great age it is in really good condition - even the two metal swivel clasps are intact. The inside is fitted appropriately to take the eight pieces described above. The case has done its job admirably to ensure that the silver pieces remain safe and so the condition is quite superb with nothing negative to report. 

The teaspoons bear the single, New Standard "F.L" crowned mark of the silversmith William Fleming and this helps date this tea equippage set to definitely after 1697 and likely no later than 1705. A quite wonderful set!