Early Spoons

Silver apostle spoons, seal top, maidenhead, slip top, puritan, trefid and dog nose are among the early spoons offered from our stock on these pages.

Assembled in date ranges, the earliest group are the Tudor spoons from before 1600 which includes Elizabethan apostle spoons, seal tops and the more scarce early designs. Spoons from the first Stuart period and the Commonwealth era (1600-1660) are dominated by apostle and seal tops, with puritans featuring towards the end of the period. The Restoration in 1660 saw a change in style to the trefid spoon in all its forms and by 1697 the dog nose spoon began to take-over, plus the Britannia Standard was introduced. 

The date 1720 is used as a cut-off to determine early spoons, as services of flatware and standard patterns began to predominant spoon production in the UK after this date, plus the original Sterling standard of silver was re-introduced in 1720 after a brief period of the higher purity Britannia standard.