Decorated Silver Puritan Spoon, West Country

Decorated silver puritan spoon west country 1691
Decorated silver puritan spoon west country 1691 DSCN5135 v2 DSCN5136 v2 DSCN5137 v2 DSCN5140 v2


Spoon - Decorated Puritan - West Country circa 1670 - 17cm long; 26g - SD/4932

Silver puritan spoons with these distinctive, engraved, floral designs are known to emanate from the Devon town of Barnstaple - see figure 63 (page 21) of "Barnstaple Silver" and Plate C (page 151) in "West Country Silver Spoons & Their Makers", both by Tim Kent. These spoons all date from the 1660-1670 period and were made by a number of the town's silversmiths, notably John Peard. The spoon being offered is unmarked and so cannot be conclusively attributed.

The engraved decoration to the especially wide handle on this spoon is a very pleasing design and remains crisp. To the reverse of the bowl is "TB" dot-pricked initials that are dated to 1691 and would likely have been added twenty to thirty years after manufacture. The spoon is in fine condition with a good, unworn bowl.