Boxed 87-Piece Silver Canteen of Cutlery - 8 Place Settings

Cooper Brothers Canteen of Silver Cutlery Boxed Sheffield
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87-piece Canteen (8 place settings); Boxed - Hallmark: Sheffield 1973-75 by Cooper Brothers & Sons
– Weight: 3100 grams (100 tr.oz.) + 19 knives - Ref. No.: HO/3330

Boxed 87-piece Silver Canteen of Cutlery, Sheffield 1973-75 by Cooper Brothers & Sons

The Service

We are pleased to be offering a great opportunity to own a complete boxed silver cutlery set in a very stylish pattern.  This attractive service provides for ten pieces per 8 place settings with an assortment of serving and carving pieces.

All the pieces in this canteen were made by Cooper Brothers & Sons of Sheffield and bear appropriate Sterling silver hallmarks for Sheffield 1973-75 and the design registration number 857638. The knives have silver handles and are engraved “Cooper Bros & Sons stainless steel Sheffield England” to the stainless steel blades and the service is contained within its original wooden box. The label of the original retailer - Nathan & Co.(Birmingham) Ltd. - is still in place.

All the pieces in this service are original to the set and have a good solid feeling of high quality, making it a good, straight service that is ready to be used.


This 87-piece service consists of the following:

8 Soup Spoons                     17.2cm

8 Fish Knives                19.4cm

8 Table/dinner Forks           20.3cm

8 Fish Forks                  17cm

8 Table Knives                     24.5cm

8 Teaspoons                   12.8cm

8 Dessert  Forks                  17.4cm

8 Coffee Spoons            10.7cm

8 Dessert Knives                  22.2cm

4 Table Spoons              20.3cm

8 Dessert Spoons                 17.6cm

3 piece Carving Set

Total weight of weighable silver  3100 grams (100 troy ounces)  plus 16 silver handled knives and a three piece carving set,


The service is in excellent condition throughout with no engravings.


This canteen is presented within a good quality wooden box and the key for locking is still present. There are some very minor scratches to the top of the box, but otherwise this is a beautifully presented service with very little use to the cutlery.

As with all the canteens available from our web-site, we are happy to send a sample place setting for approval, on receipt of a fully refundable surety payment, prior to purchasing this canteen.