Boxed 128-piece Old English Pattern Silver Canteen of Cutlery

Silver cutlery service by Carrs Old English Boxed
Silver cutlery service by Carrs Old English Boxed DSCN7660 Silver canteen cutlery by Carrs Sheffield DSCN7663 v3 DSCN7665 DSCN7668 DSCN7678 DSCN7672 v3 DSCN7670


128 piece Canteen – Old English Pattern (12 place settings) - Hallmark: Sheffield 1994 /2000 by Carrs of Sheffield – Weight: 5260grams (169 tr.oz.) + 39 knives - Ref. No.: OC/2491

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Boxed 128-piece Old English Pattern Silver Canteen of Cutlery, Sheffield 1994-2000 by Carrs

The Service

We are pleased to be offering an excellent late 20th Century silver 12 place settings canteen of cutlery in Old English Pattern. The service provides for a full formal service of nine pieces per 12 place settings with the addition of six pairs of fish eaters and an array of serving items.

In addition to the standard pieces found in a canteen, this service has the bonus of some smaller knives and forks that could either be used as starter, side or dessert pieces as required. The huge soup ladle is a nice addition, plus the extra pieces give all round flexibility for this set.

Every piece was made in Sheffield between 1994 and 2000 by Carrs and benefits from being in superb polished condition with no personalised engraving. As usual, the sets of table, dessert knives and tea knives, together with the bread knife, pie slice and cheese knife all have silver handles with stainless steel blades.

All the pieces are housed in a Carrs 2000 Silverware box with a hallmarked silver label affixed to the inside cover. The box has a rare cantilever mechanism with the forks on the top deck and all spoons and servers underneath. There is a compartment tucked away at the back of the lower deck for placing the soup ladle and serving knives.

Old English Pattern

Old English Pattern was first introduced circa 1770 and has always been a very favoured pattern due to its elegant and simple form. It has been produced continually to the present day with a resurgence of popularity during the 20th Century.


This 128-piece service consists of the following:

12 Soup Spoons                       17.6cm

12 Teaspoons                    13.8cm

12 Table/dinner Forks              19.6cm

6 Fish Forks                     17cm

12 Table/dinner Knives             24.5cm

6 Fish Knives                   21cm

12 Dessert  Forks                      16.8cm

4 Serving Spoons           22.3cm

12 Dessert Knives                       22cm

1 Soup Ladle                    30cm

12 Dessert Spoons                      18cm

1 Bread Knife                   36cm

12 Side Forks                            14.5cm

1 Pie/Cake Slice               25.5cm

12 Side/Tea Knives                     18cm

1 Cheese Knife                 20.8cm

Total weight of weighable silver  5260 grams (169 troy ounces) plus 39 silver handled knives.

Optional Extras

This service also came with a set of 12 silver handled steak knives that are kept within a separate cutlery roll. These are available at £600 extra for the dozen.


Excellent polished condition. Near mint.


This canteen is attractively supplied in its original cantilever mahogany effect wooden box with each piece having its own slot to prevent scuffing with neighbours. There is some scratching to the top and front of the box

As with all the canteens available from our web-site, we are happy to send a sample place setting for approval, on receipt of a fully refundable surety payment, prior to purchasing this canteen.