188-piece Silver King's Pattern Canteen of Cutlery

Kings Pattern cilver canteen of cutlery Sheffield 1974 William Yates
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188 piece Canteen – King's Pattern (12 place settings) - Hallmark: Sheffield 1974 by William Yates – Weight: 7500 grams (241 tr.oz.) - Ref. No.: SD/2813

Boxed 188-piece King's Pattern Canteen of Silver Cutlery, Sheffield 1974 by William Yates

 We are pleased to be offering an excellent quality and extensive silver 12 place settings canteen in Kings Pattern that is beautifully presented within a 4-tier wooden box.

The service provides everything required for formal dining for up to 12 people, with ancillary pieces for use as and when required. In addition, there are ample serving spoons, ladles and a carving set.

All pieces bears a full set of English Sterling standard silver hallmarks for Sheffield 1974 and the maker's mark for William Yates (a specialist Sheffield cutler).

The table, dessert and tea knives, plus the five piece carving set are all fitted with stainless steel blades and have hallmarked silver handles. The carving set comprises a meat knife and fork, a poultry/game knife and fork and a sharpening steel. The forks both have guards to protect the user.

King's Pattern

King's Pattern is the most well known and popular decorative flatware pattern. It was based on an 18th century French design and became fashionable amongst the wealthy in the early years of the 19th Century. The design encompasses a shell to both sides of the handle terminal and reverse of the bowl, and there are scrolls down the handle shaft with a honeysuckle motif to the centre. The double-struck nature of the pattern (i.e. pattern on both sides) ensures that a good gauge of silver was used in manufacture.


This 188-piece service consists of the following:

12 Fish Knives                 21.7cm

12 Cake forks                    13cm

12 Fish Forks                   19.3cm

12 Tea/butter Knives         19.2cm

12 Soup Spoons               17.3cm

12 Teaspoons                     13.5cm

12 Table/dinner Knives     25cm    

12 Coffee Spoons               11cm

12 Table/dinner Forks      21cm

12 Table/ Serving Spoons  22cm

12 Dessert Spoons            18.5cm

Soup Ladle                         28cm

12 Dessert Knives             22.3cm

2 Sauce Ladles                   16cm

12 Dessert Forks              17.7cm

2 Carving Knives

12 Fruit Spoons                13.5cm

2 Carving Forks

12 Grapefruit Spoons       14cm

Carving Steel

Total weight of weighable silver 7500 grams (241.2 troy ounces). Additional to this weight are the forty-one silver handled knives and five carvers.


The silver is in excellent polished condition throughout. The spoons have full unworn bowls and the forks tines are full and equal lengths. There are no personalised engravings. The box is also in fine presentable condition (there is a slightly lighter patch/mark to the centre of the top).


This canteen is presented within its original, well-made cabinet with hinged lid and gate leg sides for securing the drawers. The box measures 47.5cm wide x 35cm deep x 34cm high and has three pull-out drawers. All the pieces have their own slots, except the set of tea knives which sit loosely in a compartment at the back of the middle drawer. There is no key.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions. Good luck, Gary.

We offer a full money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the item, within fourteen days of receipt.