Asprey Caviar Set, 1996

Asprey silver caviar set
Asprey silver caviar set DSCN9004 DSCN9006 DSCN9008 DSCN9009


Caviar Set - Coopered Barrel - London 1996 by Asprey & Co. Ltd. - Ice Bucket: 12cm high x 14cm diameter. Small Pots: 5cm high x 7cm diameter. Combined silver weight: 530g - DE/9134

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This silver caviar set comprises an ice bucket for keeping the sturgeon roe chilled and two pots with spoons for serving. All pieces bear matching silver hallmarks and were retailed by Aspreys - the most prestigious of London luxury goods retailers.

The large ice bucket and both pots are decorated to simulate coopered barrels and the spoons as small shovels. The interiors are gilt and the pots also have clear glass liners. This is a very rare, high quality set with all pieces being in excellent condition and bearing the Asprey mark.