With this book, Richard Turner has taken his hugely successful first book "Directory of Scottish Provincial Silversmtihs & Their Marks" and added the all important word "Illustrated" to the title. The result is a must have book for anybody interested in Scottish silver or indeed for the antique buyer who comes across that piece of silver with unidentifiable marks - one correct attribution by using this book will make the £40 price tag worthwhile!

The introductory chapters give some background to Scottish provincial silver, the evolving styles and information about the towns and specific punches used. The bulk of the book deals with the identification of the marks in alphabetical town order. The facing right hand page throughout illustrates corresponding photographic examples of the marks. This is the most comprehensive gathering of Scottish provincial marks available in any book and uses the most accurate and up to date research on the subject. The marks are repeated at the back of the book in an alphabetical indexing of maker's initials.

All marks that are considered to be Scottish provincial are included: i.e. from large centres of production like Aberdeen to minor guilds such as Ellon & modern centres such as Iona. Glasgow marks up until the opening of the assay office in 1820 are shown, but Edinburgh has always had its own assay and hallmarking office and so is not included in this book.

For identification of marks for a given subject, this book is as good as it gets and is highly recommended.

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Rating *****


137 pages 150 x 212mm

Published: 2014

Publisher: Discus Publishing