This is a good and inexpensive introductory book to spoon collecting, illustrating the types and styles of spoons available from great rarities such as Buddha knops to common occurrences like salt spoons. The 9-page introduction discusses hallmarks, construction, development, and fakes. The remainder of the book deals with the spoons from Wrythen knops of the 14th Century, through all the major styles and developments until the 19thCentury, where a there is a brief look at some of the more interesting patterns and types of spoon.

A beginners’ book to the world of spoons: easy and interesting to read, giving a good insight to how spoons have developed over the centuries. There are illustrations of all the major spoon forms, including Apostle spoons, Seal tops, Slip tops, Trefids, etc.

Rating ****


80 pages 165 x 230mm 

Published: 1974

Revised: 1982

Publisher: Charles Letts Books Ltd.