Irish Marrow Spoon, 1750

irish silver marrow spoon scoop dublin 1750
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Marrow Spoon - Dessert Spoon Size - Dublin c.1750 - 17.7cm long; 30g - CQ/8342</p>

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Of typical spoon bowl and narrow scoop form, this Irish silver marrow spoon is unusual in being dessert spoon sized. It bears a clear Hibernia and Crowned Harp mark for the circa 1750 period and is engraved three times; a crest to the reverse of the bowl, a "I*II" betrothal initials (I.e. a surname and two forenames beginning with the modern "J") and more unusually "LH" initials to the inside of the bowl.


This is a good quality Dublin-made marrow spoon with lots of interesting features. It remains in fine condition with an unworn bowl.