Sandylands Drinkwater Silver Madeira Label, c.1750

Sandilands drinkwater silver bottle tag Maderia
Sandilands drinkwater silver bottle tag Maderia DSCN8738 DSCN8740


Wine Label - Madeira; Chased Escutcheon - London circa 1750 by Sandylands Drinkwater - 5.5cm wide - ZB/4912

The escutcheon form is considered to be the earliest style of silver wine label and Sandylands Drinkwater was the main protagonist of the design, setting the benchmark in terms of quality. This silver Madeira label is stamped with the "SD" in script surmounted by a crown for the maker and a 1739-1755 lion passant, thus dating this label to circa 1750.

The label is flat chased with vine and grapes and is boldly incised MADEIRA to the centre. It is in fine condition.

Sandylands Drinkwater was one of the earliest and most important makers of silver wine labels. He was working in London during the 1720's through to the 1760's, from the time he obtained his freedom following his apprenticeship with Robert White in 1726 until his own former apprentice Richard Binley took over the running of the Gutter Lane workshop in 1760. Drinkwater was a contemporary to some of the great silversmiths of the day such as Paul De Lamerie and George Wickes and rose through the ranks to become Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company.