Goat's Pelt Port Label, 1818

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Wine Label - Port; 'Goat's Pelt' - London 1818 by George Fox - 7.3cm wide; 7cm high; 88g - JK/3266</p>

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This huge silver wine label has a fantastic hefty weight and hangs from a very heavy gauge belcher chain - a sign of the very high quality and attention to detail is the knurled decoration to each of the chain links. The label is cast and in a very rare form with a goat's pelt draped over crossed agricultural tools and surrounded by a drape of vine and grapes with the PORT name pierced.to the centre. The goat's pelt may be connected to a family crest or armorial detail, however the goat is also associated with Dionysus in ancient Greece and Thrace. The label was made by the important maker George Fox and is in fabulous condition.