Nathaniel Mills Silver Nutmeg Grater, 1850

Nathaniel Mills silver nutmeg grater 1850
Nathaniel Mills silver nutmeg grater 1850 DSCN8760 v2 DSCN8761 v2 DSCN8762 DSCN8763 v2 DSCN8764 v2


Nutmeg Grater - Rectangular with Ribbed Exterior - Birmingham 1850 by Nathaniel Mills - 4cm wide; 2.5cm tall; 32g - NK/5624

Nathaniel Mills was an expert silver box maker, but nutmeg graters were largely out of fashion during his working period and so examples by him are relatively rare.

This good-sized, antique silver pocket nutmeg grater has a ribbed outer surface to allow good grip. Opening the hinged top cover reveals a steel rasp and once grated the spice can be retrieved by opening the lower hinged cover. There is a full set of Birmingham hallmarks and the sought after "NM" maker's mark for the maker. The condition is excellent throughout.