Charles Boyton Half-Pint Mug, 1948

HAlf pint silver mug by Charles Boyton London 1948
HAlf pint silver mug by Charles Boyton London 1948 DSCN2501 DSCN2502 DSCN2503 DSCN2504


Mug - Tapering Cylinder, Half-pint - London 1948 by Charles Boyton - 8cm high x 8cm diameter base; 320ml volume; 255g - VW/1906

This is a high quality silver half pint mug, hand-made by Charles Boyton in the post-war years.

The mug has a good hefty and solid feel in the hand and bears the original spot hammer marks from the hand-making process. It has a stylish, post-Art Deco feel to it, with a simple, looped handle and tapering cylindrical form with girdle just below the hallmarks. This silver tankard remains in fine condition and has the bonus of no personalised engravings (nor erasures). The hallmarks are especially crisp.

The firms of Charles Boyton and Charles Boyton & Son were London-based silversmiths working through the majority of the 19th and in to the 20th centuries. At first, they specialised in the production of silver flatware before expanding their repertoire in the early 20th century. Charles Boyton III left the family business in 1934 to set up on his own and produced hand-made, high quality Art Deco-inspired silver. The pride in his work can be seen by the presence of the "Charles Boyton" facsimile signature engraved to each piece.

This silver mug was produced during 1948 which was the final year of production. Please see link below for a near-matching pint mug made in the same year.