Britannia Standard Marrow Scoop, 1719

georgian silver marrow scoop london 1719
georgian silver marrow scoop london 1719 dscn2511 1 dscn2510 1 dscn2508 dscn2503 1 dscn2512


Marrow Spoon - Double-ended - London 1719 by Io - 21.9cm long; 53g - GY/7475</p>

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Britannia Standard silver is more pure than Sterling (95.8% compared to 92.5%) and was the compulsory standard in England between 1697 and 1720. As such and dating from the latter years of this period, this George I double-ended marrow scoop bears a clear set of Britannia Standard marks and is a great example of the type.


Makers marks associated with Britannia standard hallmarks show the first two letters of the surname and in this instance it appears to be a "Io" with a pincer type device surmount ("I" being the old style way of writing a "J" as in "Jones") - we have so far been unable to attribute this mark.  There is an engraved crest to the wider scoop and the condition is excellent throughout.