Coral & Bells Rattle, 1884

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Rattle - Coral Teether; Embossed body with Whistle - Birmingham 1884 by George Unite - 14cm long; 49g - EP/8404

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This Victorian silver rattle is complete with a coral teether to one end, original bells to the centre and a whistle to the other. There is also a retainer ring for hanging from a ribbon or chatelaine and the engraved initials of the first recipient. The body of the rattle is beautifully embossed and has jangly bells, a coral teether and a whistle to entertain the baby. The coral had the dual purpose of soothing aching gums and the believed properties of warding away evil spirits.


Made by George Unite, this antique silver rattle is in excellent condition, although the bells have some minor bumps and bruises from use.