Silver-Gilt Nathaniel Mills Vinaigrette, 1843

Victorian silver gilt vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills
Victorian silver gilt vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills DSCN8567 DSCN8568 DSCN8569 v2 DSCN8571 v2


Vinaigrette - Gilt - Birmingham 1843 by Nathaniel Mills - 3.5cm x 2.5cm; 16g - KT/3411

This is a fabulous silver-gilt vinaigrette showing the art of box making at its best with the mark of Nathaniel Mills, who was one of the finest silver box-makers of the 19th century.

This beautiful silver-gilt vinaigrette has a lovely wavy edged form with expertly engraved floral scrolls around all sides. The top of the box has an applied sexafoil gold plaque that bears an original scrip presentation engraving - "HD to EB"

Inside the box is a stunning hinged grille with pierced and engraved leafy scrolls around a central flower head. The grille originally kept in place a sponge soaked in a pleasant perfume so that the owner could disguise the unpleasant odours that were rife in Victorian city streets.

This is an excellent silver-gilt vinaigrette in superb condition and bearing clear Nathaniel Mills maker marks to both the inside lid and base.