Set of 6 Thread & Drop Table Spoons

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Table Spoons (6) - Thread & Drop pattern - London 1775/6 by George Smith - 20.8cm long; 395g - DN/1467

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These are a beautiful set of six Georgian silver table spoons in the rare Hanoverian Thread & Drop pattern. The handles have a very stylish shape with a thread edge to both sides and a drop to the front terminal. The front terminals are also attractively engraved with canon crests.


The form of these spoons suggest that they were at the very cutting edge of fashion in the mid-1770's when the plain Hanoverian pattern was being superseded by a variety of design features such as bead edging and bright-cut engraving. Despite its elegance, this pattern did not catch on in the same ways as some of its contemporaries and so remains an elusive pattern today. Finding a set of 6 is quite a coup! Furthermore they are in fine condition with good thick bowl tips and exude high quality with a nice weight and balance in the hand.