Set of 4 Silver Coopered Barrel Salt Pots, 1865 Hennell

Set of 4 Novelty silver barrel salt pots
Set of 4 Novelty silver barrel salt pots DSCN8698 DSCN8699 DSCN8701 DSCN8702 DSCN8703


Salt Pots (4) - Coopered Barrel design - London 1865 by Robert Hennell - 5.7cm diameter; 3cm high; 163g combined weight - TE/3315

These are a charming set of four silver-gilt salt pots in the form of coopered half-barrels and made by the top silversmith, Robert Hennell.

Made during the mid-Victorian period, these four salts have gilded interiors to protect the silver from the corrosive effects of salt. They are cleverly engraved to simulate barrels and each have two lug-handles. They are all in fine condition, with a nice feeling of quality and clear sets of hallmarks.