Secret-hinge Silver Toothpick Box, 1794 Samuel Pemberton

Samuel Pemberton silver toothpick box
Samuel Pemberton silver toothpick box Bright cut silver toothpick box Samuel pemberton DSCN8294 DSCN8295 DSCN8297 v2


Toothpick Box - Engraved Oblong - Birmingham 1794 by Samuel Pemberton - 7.3cm long; 25g - WF/5472

This is a stunning George III period silver toothpick box made by one of Birmingham's best - Samuel Pemberton.

The box is beautifully decorated to all sides with a lovely display of engraving that includes a vacant rectangular cartouche to the top. The cover has mirror-image engraving with only one end secretly hiding the flush hinge. Opening the cover reveals a mirror within the lid..

Partial Birmingham sterling hallmarks are located on the underside and most likely the remaining marks are behind the mirror. This lovely-looking silver box is in fine condition with crisp engraving.