Ramsden & Carr 11" Basting Spoon, 1902

RAMSDEN CARR silver basting spoon 1902
RAMSDEN CARR silver basting spoon 1902 DSCN7901 v2 DSCN7902 DSCN7903 v2 DSCN7908


Basting Spoon - Poppy Head Stem - London 1902 by Ramsden & Carr - 27.8cm long; 129g - NC/4840

What a fabulous spoon! An early, large and impressive example from the Ramsden & Carr workshop.

This spoon measures 11" long and was most likely made for serving purposes. It is beautifully wrought in the arts & crafts style with a poppy head stem. The large, generous bowl has a planished finish from the hand-raising process and has been applied with conjoined initials - a technically difficult method! 

This really is a stunning spoon that looks and feels fabulous, with the additional bonus of being in fine condition.