Omar Ramsden Silver Mounted Box, 1929

Omar Ramsden Silver wood Box
Omar Ramsden Silver wood Box DSCN7316 DSCN7313 DSCN7321 DSCN7315 DSCN7319 DSCN7320


Box - Wooden with Silver Mounts; Double Compartment - London 1929 by Omar Ramsden - 18.4cm long, 12.4cm wide, 6cm high; 490g gross weight - Ref: SC/2897

This is a superb box with silver mounts by Omar Ramsden. Ramsden was especially adept at making practical wooden pieces and ensuring their beauty by fitting ornate silver mounts. In this instance, the mounts include the Swedish national flag to each corner, as by family repute the box was originally owned by a successful Swedish industrialist. It bears the engraved dedication "I was wrought for Harald by command of Wanda his wife" to one side.

The original use for the box was most likely as a double compartment cigarette/cigar box, but these days could be used for all manner of purpose, including a a jewellery casket or trinket box. 

This box remains in excellent condition throughout.