Prime Minister Lord Liverpool Silver Nutmeg Grater, 1817

Prime Minister earl of Liverpool silver nutmeg grater
Prime Minister earl of Liverpool silver nutmeg grater DSCN9302 DSCN9304 DSCN9305 DSCN9306 DSCN9307 DSCN9308 DSCN9310


Nutmeg Grater - Recangular with Two Hinges - London 1817 by George Pearson - 4cm x 2.7cm; 2.5cm high; 43g - EV/5753

In 1817, Robert Jenkinson, second Earl of Liverpool was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and this silver pocket nutmeg grater bears his cipher and coronet.

This top quality, rectangular box has a hinge for the top which when opened reveals a steel rasp. A "secret" hinge to the base can be opened to retrieve the grated spice. The hinges are tight and secure to prevent spillage whilst in the pocket awaiting use for adding sparkle to a hot drink. The box is fully hallmarked for London 1817 to the inside top cover, part marked to the inside lower cover and a lion pasant on the exterior - all as it should be! The box was made by George Pearson and remains in excellent condition throughout.

The cipher to the front is a flamboyant "L" in script for Liverpool and is surmounted by the coronet of an Earl. The first use of the title Earl of Liverpool was in 1796 for Charles Jenkinson, Baron Hawkesbury. The first Earl died in 1808 and was suceeded by his son Robert Jenkinson who became Prime Minister in 1812.

Lord Liverpool, as he was known, served the office for almost fifteen years, is the third longest serving Prime Minister in British history and has been described by Martin Hutchinson as "Britain's Greatest Prime Minister". He was at the helm at the time of Waterloo (1815), the Peterloo Massacre (1819), he dealt smoothly with the transition of power from the incapacitated King George III to his son the Prince Regent, introduced the Corn Laws and oversaw the exuberant Coronation of King George IV in 1821.

With such a fantastic heritage, just think what stories this nutmeg grater might tell from the pocket of the Prime Minister! 

Further information on Lord Liverpool can be found on Wikipedia at this link:,_2nd_Earl_of_Liverpool