Pair of Queen Anne Silver Dog Nose Spoons, 1705

Silver dog nose table spoons by William Scarlett
Silver dog nose table spoons by William Scarlett DSCN4575 v2 DSCN4576 v2 DSCN4577 DSCN4578 DSCN4579 v2 DSCN4581 v2 DSCN4584


Spoons (pair) - Dog Nose - London 1705 by William Scarlett - 19.8cm long; 102g combined weight - LD/4511

These are a fabulous pair of Queen Anne period silver dog nose spoons made by the premier spoonmaker, William Scarlett.

Both spoons bear the same "H" over ""I.M" engraving to the reverse terminal - this form of engraving is called a betrothal triangle and so these spoons were likely wedding presents to a couple whose surname began with "H" and first names started with a "J" (written as "I") and "M". It's a lovely to think that they have survived for over 300 years together! The spoons have a good quality feel to them and have strong rattails to the reverse of their bowls. 

These spoons are in excellent condition and have great sets of Britannia Standard hallmarks (95.8% purity & superior to 92.5% Sterling standard) that include the "Sc" maker's mark for Wm Scarlett and nice, clear date letters for 1705.