Onslow Pattern Caddy Spoon, 1795

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Caddy Spoon - Onslow pattern - London 1795 by George Smith & William Fearn - 8.4cm long - BF/6335

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The Onslow Pattern is recognised as an oddity for 18th century flatware patterns in that it does not follow the natural evolutionary steps seen in other designs. It was first made in the 1750's and is supposedly named in honour of the Arthur Onslow the highly respected politician and Speaker of the House of Commons.


This is a scarce example of a caddy spoon in the pattern with a strong scroll terminal and a tri-furcated junction between the handle and the deep, fluted bowl. Although the makers mark is worn, it appears to have been made by Smith & Fearn who were the most important spoon making partnership of the late 18th century.