Laceback Silver Trefid Spoon, Plymouth c.1693 John Murch

Silver laceback trefid spoon Plymouth 1693 John Murch
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Table Spoon - Laceback Trefid - Plymouth circa 1693 by John Murch - 18cm long; 37g - YM/3106

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The Plymouth silversmith John Murch made some fine spoons and stunning laceback trefids such as this example, no doubt learned during his apprenticeship in London when this type of spoon was the height of fashion, were amongst his repertoire.

This spoon is decorated to the reverse of the bowl and front of the handle terminal with the scroll designs that typify laceback trefid spoons. The reverse terminal is dot-prick engraved with "MR" baptismal initials and dated to 1693 which places it directly in the working period of John Murch.

The very competitive price for this example is due to the slight wear found to the decoration at the front of the handle, otherwise the condition is very good with a full, unworn bowl.

John Murch was working in Plymouth from the early 1690's and was previously apprenticed to the eminent London spoonmaker Thomas Cory. Murch's spoons are therefore superior in quality to many other provincial silversmiths of the period and this laceback trefid is a fine example of that extra calibre. See Tim Kent "West Country Silver Spoon & Their Makers 1550-1750" page 113-114 and M.94 for an illustration of the script "JM" maker's mark.