Shaded Roundels Silver Trefid Spoon, c.1682

Silver shaded roundels trefid spoon
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Spoon - Trefid with Shaded Roundels - Wessex circa 1682 - 20.8cm long; 52g - JG/4382

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This a very rare example of a 17th century trefid spoon with unusual engraved decoration to the front stem that defines the spoon as a member of the mysterious "shaded roundels" series that is peculiar to the Wessex region of southern England.

This is a large spoon with a generous bowl and bulbous trefid terminal with added "ears". The reverse side of terminal bears an original set of engraved betrothal initials which are helpfully dated to 1682 and thus provide an accurate date of manufacture. The spoon is stamped with a single pelletted circle mark to the bowl, which although unattributed is often thought to emanate from Salisbury. 

According to Tim Kent in "West Country Silver Spoons & Their Makers 1550-1750" (page 21), the shaded roundels group appear to have been made in the mid-Wessex area from Salisbury in the east to Sherborne/Wincanton in the west (see back cover for three illustrated examples). Further examples are illustrated and described in David Constable "Silver Spoons of Britain 1200 - 1710" (page 734-739).

This excellent spoon is in superb condition (although the bowl mark is rather rubbed), with a first class antique patina.