Irish Dish Ring, 1910

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Dish Ring - Dublin 1910 by Edmond Johnson Ltd. - Top: 19cm diameter. Bottom: 21.5cm diameter. Height: 11.5cm. Weight: 437g - WZ/4542</p>

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This is a fabulous example of a large Irish dish ring. It has pierced and chased rural hunting scene decoration depicting running hounds and foxes. These are the most sought after type of scene on these unusual and uniquely Irish pieces. This is a large example with a 7.5" diameter. It is in superb condition with a large vacant cartouche to one side.


Dish rings were first made in Ireland during the mid-18th century. They were meant to hold hot plates and prevent scorching to the polished surfaces of sideboards and dining tables. Dish rings were revived at the end of the 19thC and early 20th Century and were generally replicas of the Georgian originals.