Hester Bateman Mountain Label

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Wine Label - Mountain; Bright Cut Crescent with Festooned Goblet - London circa 1780 by Hester Bateman - 4.7cm wide - LS/3203b</p>

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This is a very beautiful silver wine label emanating from the workshop of the famed Hester Bateman, "Queen of English Silversmiths". The label is most attractively decorated with bright-cut engraving and bears the scarce name "MOUNTAIN". The goblet surmount is engraved with an original crest and the drapery is superbly engraved too. Fabulous, crisp condition throughout with a very clear "HB" maker's mark.


Mountain is a sweet dessert wine from the hills around Malaga in Spain and was the predecessor of Sherry in the UK, being replaced by the latter circa 1790.