Heart-shaped Vinaigrette, 1875

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Vinaigrette - Birmingham 1875 by Frederick Marson - 4cm high; 3.8cm max. width; 23g - JN/7369</p>

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This is an exquisite silver vinaigrette in the form of a heart. The engraved exterior includes a shield-shaped cartouche that remains free from personalised engravings and the whole hangs from a belcher chain. Opening the box reveals a gilt interior and beautifully pierced and engraved flush hinged grille. A scented sponge would have been kept below the grille in the lower compartment to safeguard the owner against the unpleasant odours of city streets.


This is an unusual form of vinaigrette that remains in fabulous condition. The hallmarks are located on the outer rim of the opening and outside of the cover and although a little rubbed are legible.