Georgian Silver Quart Tankard, 1781

DSCN4255 Georgian silver quart tankard London 1781 DSCN4256 DSCN4257 DSCN4258 DSCN4259 DSCN4261


Tankard (Quart) - London 1781 - 20cm high; 17cm wide; 950ml capacity; 880g - HA/1848

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Dating from the George III period, this good-sized silver beer tankard is engraved to the front with a wonderful "JEC" monogram in script formed as floral tendrils complete with leaves. This style of engraving is very evocative of the Georgian age of elegance of the final quarter of the 18th century and in this instance, has been expertly achieved.

This is a lovely quality, straight sided silver tankard with a capacity of close-on one litre (1.7 pints) making an imposing vessel for drinking beer! It has a good hefty feel in the hand and the elegant S-scroll handle terminates in a love-heart. The tankard has a domed, hinged cover fitted with a tall, cast thumb-piece decorated with an acanthus leaf.

Both the body and cover are clearly stamped with matching George III period silver hallmarks - the maker's mark has been over-stamped with that of a retailer and is not legible. This Georgian tankard is in excellent original condition throughout.