Rare Invalid Feeding Cup, 1824

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Invalid Feeding Cup - Cylindrical with Lift-off Cover - London 1824 by John James Keith - 11cm high; 16.5cm wide; 7cm diameter; 226g - PL/1882</p>

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The standard technique of feeding an infant or invalid would have been to use a medicine spoon, however there was an alternative and far less common method - a vessel with spout. These feeding cups were perhaps more useful for feeding the severely handicapped as the spout could be inserted in to the mouth for the liquid food to be sucked out.


Made by John James Keith during the reign of King William IV, this feeder has a straight horizontal spout. The interior has a separate compartment with its own lid and holes for allowing liquid to pass through whilst straining the food. This invalid feeding cup has a good solid feel int he hand and is in fine condition throughout with clear hallmarks. There are some teeth marks around the ball at the tip of the spout providing evidence of use!