George III Coral & Bells Silver Rattle, 1788

Coral Bells silver rattle by WT
Coral Bells silver rattle by WT DSCN8362 DSCN8365 v2 DSCN8366 DSCN8369 v2 DSCN8423


Rattle - Coral & Bells - London 1788 by William Turton - 12.7cm long; 46g - LF/5463

This is a great example of a late 18th century silver rattle, known as "coral & bells".

Made in London by William Turton, this rattle has an attractively engraved body with whistle and hanging hook for attaching to a ribon to one end and a coral teether to the other. The coral teether was ideal for soothing aching gums and had the secondary role of warding off evil spirits! There are two tiers of jangly bells whch have the bonus of beaing the lion passant mark and thus proving they are original to the piece (n.b. the bells are dented from exuberant use!). 

Overall and considering how most George III period silver rattles survive, this one is in fine collectable and practicable condition. Most rattles of this period are only marked with a maker's mark, but there is a date letter for 1788 to the collar holding the coral (the rest of the marks are missing from where the collar has been trimmed at some stage).