Filigree Silver Caddy Spoon, 1804 SP

Filigree silver caddy spoon 1804 Pemberton
Filigree silver caddy spoon 1804 Pemberton DSCN6633 v2 DSCN6634 v2 DSCN6635


Caddy Spoon - Filigree Insert - Birmingham 1804 by Samuel Pemberton - 5.5cm long; 7.4g - RJ/4684

Made by Samuel pemberton in the early years of the 19th century, this is a beautiful silver caddy spoon with filigree insert to the bowl.

The fashion for soldering filigree panels to caddy spoon bowls was short-lived during the first decade of the 1800's when an influx of talented Italian filigree workers arrived in Birmingham. The Pemberton workshop was one of several to adopt their wire-working skills and this caddy spoon is a fine example of the type. The ring handle bears a full set of Birmingham hallmarks and the condition is excellent.