Elizabethan Seal-top Spoon, 1599

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Spoon - Seal-top - London 1599 by Patrick Brue - 17.5cm long; 57g - LT/2364</p>

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With its large baluster seal, good weight and fine condition, Elizabethan period seal tops are rarely as good as this particular example. Made in the workshop of the premier specialist spoonmaker, Patrick Brue, this spoon has a good set of hallmarks to the reverse of the hexagonal stem including the mullet over annulet mark of the maker. The leopard's mark to the bowl has a little rubbing and has lost detail. The large, well-detailed, gilt baluster seal is dot pricked to the flat plate with original betrothal initials for "MK" over "NI", the reverse of the bowl is dot-pricked "1599", although this might be later. The fig-shaped bowl is in fine condition, albeit a touch bright, with a thick rim around the edge. The spoon has a good weight and a nice satisfying feel in the hand.