Ebenezer Coker Silver Soup Ladle, 1756

Ebenezer Coker silver soup ladle London 1756
Ebenezer Coker silver soup ladle London 1756 DSCN3799 DSCN3801 DSCN3803


Soup Ladle - Hanoverian Pattern - London 1756 by Ebenezer Coker - 35cm long; 220g - JC/2340

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Ebenezer Coker was the most important flatware specialist maker of the 18th century with many of the premier spoonmakers of the next 100 years plus tracing their roots via apprenticeships back to him and this is a superb example of a rarely found Hanoverian pattern soup ladle made by him.

Soup lades are scarce before 1770 and this is a particularly fine example with a good, clear set of hallmarks and a great crest to the reverse terminal. It is in the Hanoverian pattern with the diagnostic, upturned terminal to the handle and a deep, circular bowl. This antique silver soup ladle is in excellent condition throughout with a lovely patina.