Cased Set of 12 Naturalistic Teaspoons & Tongs, c.1750

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Teaspoons (12) & Tongs (cased) - Naturalistic; Gilt - Circa 1750 - 12.3cm long; 240g combined weight of silver items - LF/5334

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This a sumptuous set of a dozen mid-18th century silver-gilt teaspoons with sugar nips in the Rococo naturalistic style.

Made in the late George II/ early George III period, this unmarked tea equippage set is housed in its original case and is beautifully cast with leaf bowls and leafy tendril handles. The detailing is superb and is typical of the work done by the premier London silversmith Francis Harache, although without marks this set cannot be positively thus ascribed. The scissor-action sugar nips are a joy.

There is some minor wear to the exterior of the box, but on the whole this set is in in fine condition.