Britannia Standard Dog Nose Spoon, 1721

George I silver Dog Nose Table Spoon by Philip Roker
George I silver Dog Nose Table Spoon by Philip Roker DSCN0914 DSCN0916 DSCN0917 DSCN0918 v2 DSCN0919 v2


Spoon - Dog Nose pattern - London 1721 Britannia Standard by Philip Roker II - 20.1cm long; 67g - KT/1831

This is a top quality silver dog nose table spoon with a good hefty weight. The engraved coat of arms to the reverse terminal is indicative of the rich provenance for this spoon. Even though the compulsion to use the purer Britannia standard form of silver was withdrawn in 1720, this 1721 spoon was still made in the higher grade and includes the new standard "Ro" maker's mark for Philip Roker II. The spoon is in fine condition with an excellent antique patina.

The majority of dog nose spoons were made during the reign of Queen Anne, but being from the George I period, this table spoon is slightly later in date and was presumably made to complete a set. It is interesting to note that we currently have further examples of dog nose spoons with the matching armorial, eleven in all including a set of six (1706 by Lawrence Jones - not yet showing on website), and another singleton can be seen in the photos below that was made by Joseph Barbut in 1703 - he was the master to Philip Roker II.