Dunbar of Durn Marrow Scoop, Banff 1810

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Marrow Scoop - Banff circa 1810 by William Simpson - 23.7cm long; 49g - RQ/6637</p>

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This is a magnificent and extremely rare Scottish provincial silver marrow scoop. Made in the north eastern Scottish town of Banff by William Simpson, this good sized marrow scoop is engraved with a dexter hand couped crest and the motto of the Dunbar Clan. The motto reads "Sub Spe" which translates to "Under Hope". The crest most likely belongs to the Durn branch of the Dunbar family and is surmounted by two 4-point coronets and over the initials "DD". The family home of Durn House is just seven miles distant from Banff.

The most likely original owner of this marrow scoop and to whom the DD (Dunbar of Durn) initials pertain is Sir James Dunbar, 4th Baronet who died 1812.