Arts & Crafts Dressing Table Tray

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Dressing Table Tray - Arts &amp; Crafts; Rectangular - Birmingham 1935 by Charles Horner - 33cm x 20cm; 453g - WS/4785</p>

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This superb rectangular tray displays a wonderful Celtic knot to the central cartouche and is planished all over in the Arts & Crafts style to show that it has been made hand-crafted. It really is a most beautiful tray and was made by the famous Charles Horner of Halifax. Large silverware by this maker is very scarce and this item, along with several others we have in stock from the same collection, were probably all special commissions. The rarity of such pieces would be indicated by the fact that Charles Horner did not possess a large maker's mark - as can be seen from the small "CH" maker's mark that would ordinarily be used on small pieces such as thimbles and jewellery. This tray is in fabulous condition throughout.