Arts & Crafts Silver Dish, 1916 by George Payne Oxford

George Payne silver dish Birmingham 1916
George Payne silver dish Birmingham 1916 DSCN9434 DSCN9435 v2 DSCN9436 v2 DSCN9437 v2 DSCN9438 v3


Dish - 2-handled, Circular, Planished - Birmingham 1916 by George Payne & Son - 19.3cm wide (13cm diameter); 2.7cm high; 91g - AE/5721

This lovely 2-handled silver dish was hand-made by George Payne & Son of Oxford during the First World War.

This arts & crafts dish has an overall spot-hammered appearance to the circular bowl with domed centre and time has clearly been spent designing and constructing the two attractive side handles. The Birmingham hallmarks include the rarely found GP&S mark of the maker and the underside is stamped with the mark of his Oxford retail shop - Payne & Son -  who continue to trade today. 

This good-looking silver dish is in fine condition.