Arts & Crafts Silver Box, 1926 Omar Ramsden

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DSCN8639 v3 Omar Ramsden silver arts and crafts box london 1926 DSCN8633 v2 DSCN8634 v2 DSCN8635 v3


Box - Oval; hammered - London 1926 by Omar Ramsden - 9.5cm x 6.5cm; 2cm high; 117g - NL/2859

This is a good-sized, top quality arts & crafts silver box made by the great Omar Ramsden.

Measuring 3.75" long, this box would probably have been made for snuff or tobacco, but these days would be ideal for all manner of purposes. It has a gentle all-over planished appearance with thumblift to the front and hinge to reverse. It is in fine condition with neither engravings nor erasures.

Both base and hinged lid are appropriately hallmarked and the underside is further marked "Omar Ramsden Me Fecit" ("Omar Ramsden made me").