Antique Hester Bateman PORT Label, c.1787

Hester Bateman Georgian silver wine label
Hester Bateman Georgian silver wine label DSCN3813 DSCN3814


Wine Label - PORT; Crescent - London circa 1787 by Hester Bateman - 4.2cm wide - SU/1914

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This is an elegant Georgian silver wine label made by the "Queen of English Silversmiths" - Hester Bateman. It has a lovely crescent form with the title PORT inscribed and hangs from a belcher chain.

In line with other wine labels of the period, the hallmarks do not include a date letter, however the presence of the intaglio duty mark points to the latter half of the 1780's and prior to Hester's retirement in 1790. This antique silver bottle ticket is in fine all round condition.