84-piece George I & II Silver Cutlery Set, 1719-35

Georgian silver cutlery Hanoverian rattail 3 pronged forks
Georgian silver cutlery Hanoverian rattail 3 pronged forks Canteen of Georgian silver rattail cutlery pistol handles 3 pronged forks DSCN8120 DSCN8148 DSCN8140 DSCN8126 DSCN8122 DSCN8125 DSCN8145 DSCN8146


84 piece Canteen – Hanoverian Rattail Pattern (12 place settings) - Hallmark: London 1719 to 1770 – Weight: 2615 grams (84.1tr.oz.) + 24 silver handled knives - Ref. No.: IR/9048

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Early 18th Century 84-piece Canteen of Silver Cutlery, London 1719-1735

The Service

We are proud to be offering an outstanding early 18th Century silver 12 place settings canteen with the vast majority of pieces dating from the reigns of King George I and George II. The service provides for the standard seven pieces for each of the 12 place settings.

The scarcity of services from such an early date cannot be underestimated and this is a particularly fine set with mostly straight runs of 12 and all in excellent condition.

All the pieces are in the expected design for the George I period – the 36 spoons are in Hanoverian Rattail, the 24 forks are 3-pronged Hanoverian and the 24 knives are pistol-handled. Of the 84 pieces, 72 date between 1719 and 1735 and the latest date of the remainder is 1770.

Each piece is in fantastic condition, which given their 300 year age is quite amazing. Most pieces from this period are well worn and used, but this service remains perfectly practicable for everyday or special occasion use.

The service consists mostly of straight dozens (i.e. all same date and maker) with the exception being the table forks which although near identical in appearance were made through the mid-18th century with the latest piece being hallmarked in London 1770. Each set is engraved with a crest (except the table forks which have no crest). The 24 knives have the same crest and are original to each other as are the 12 dessert spoons and dessert forks which are also hallmarked for the same date and maker and engraved with the same crest.

Hanoverian Rattail Pattern

Hanoverian Rattail was first in fashion between 1710 and 1730 and has been reproduced since the 1880’s. It was the first flatware pattern in the UK to be used for complete canteens. Due to its elegant lines and proportions it has continued to enjoy great popularity and is probably the most sought after traditional pattern. The spoons have the trademark rattail extension to the handle on the reverse side of the bowl, the forks had three tines and the knives had pistol-shaped handles.


This 84-piece service consists of the following:

12 Table Spoons – Hanoverian Rattail - London 1720 by Paul Hanet – 20cm long; 900grams –engraved crest to the reverse terminal depicting a stork – this is an outstanding dozen spoons made in Britannia standard silver by the Huguenot spoonmaker Paul Hanet. The condition is superb with original thick bowl tips throughout.

12 Table Knives – Pistol handles with scimitar-shaped blades – London c.1735 by Jonathan Trenholme – 24.2cm long – engraved crest depicting a hand held aloft – these knives have a good sturdy feeling in the hand. The stainless steel blades are a practicable, later addition which will have replaced the original carbon steel blades (these generally suffer from corrosion).

12 Dessert Knives – Pistol handles with scimitar-shaped blades – London c.1735 by Jonathan Trenholme – 21.5cm long – engraved crest depicting a hand held aloft. As with the table knives, these are very high quality knives in fine condition with later stainless steel blades.

Jonathan Trenholme was a specialist haft (knife handle) maker who had been apprenticed to the famous haft maker Dru Drury. He entered his mark in 1734 and the shape of the lion passant marks suggests a date of manufacture for these knives prior to 1739.

12 Table Forks – Hanoverian 3-pronged - London 1740 -1770 by mixed makers – 18cm long; 570grams –no engravings. Although mixed in date, these table forks all have very similar appearances and make a good match to each other. None are engraved which gives an element of uniformity and they are in fine condition with equal length tines and a good patina.

12 Dessert Forks – Hanoverian 3-pronged - London 1719 by Joseph Smith – 16.5cm long; 480grams – engraved crest to the reverse terminal depicting a stag – single dessert forks in Britannia Standard silver from this period are rarely found, so a straight dozen that matches the spoons is really quite something. Their condition is excellent with equal length tines, but there is some wear to the crests.

12 Dessert Spoons – Hanoverian rattail - London 1719 by Joseph Smith – 17.2cm long; 500grams –engraved crest to the reverse terminal depicting a stag – single dessert spoons in Britannia Standard silver from this period are tricky to find, so as with the dessert forks finding a straight dozen is quite fantastic. Their condition is excellent with unworn bowls, although there is a tiny amount of wear to some crests. They are original matches to the dessert forks.

Joseph Smith was a specialist spoonmaker who had been apprenticed to Benjamin Watts.

12 Teaspoons – Hanoverian rattail - London c1725 – 11.5cm long; 165grams –engraved crest to the reverse terminal depicting a raised hand with sword. It is very rare to find a straight dozen teaspoons from this period. They just do not survive and sets are easily broken up with lost spoons. It is such a pleasure to have a straight set of 12 and in wonderful condition too. All the spoons are appropriately marked with a lion passant and a maker’s mark (which is not legible) and date from the 1720’s.

Total weight of weighable silver 2615 grams (84.1 troy ounces) + 24 silver handled knives.


Excellent condition throughout with a fabulous 18th century patina. The bowls remain unworn, the tines are close to original lengths and the knives are sturdy. Pieces from this date are rarely in such fine condition.


This canteen is offered in used purple anti-tarnish cutlery rolls.

As with all the canteens available from our web-site, we are happy to send a sample place setting for approval, on receipt of a fully refundable surety payment, prior to purchasing this canteen.