Cased set of Stuart Devlin Beakers, 1978

stuart devlin bearker
stuart devlin bearker set of 6 stuart devlin beakers london silver 1978 dscn4107 dscn4141 1 dscn4101 1 dscn4105 1 dscn4104 1 dscn4106 dscn4123


Beakers (4) - Textured with gilt bases - London 1978 by Stuart Devlin - 12.8cm high; 795g combined weight - DR/9029</p>

These are a very elegant set of four Stuart Devlin made silver beakers that are house in their original presentation case. They have a soft hammered (planished) fish to the tall conical cups and stand on silver-gilt textured bases.


These cups are fully hallmarked to the underside where they are also engraved with a falcon; this falcon is emblazoned to the outside of the case and to the inner lid too. An excellent set of beakers in first class condition.