6 x Funereal Table Spoons, 1784-1808

DSCN0280 6 Georgian silver funereal spoons DSCN0283 DSCN0285 DSCN0286 DSCN0287 DSCN0288


Table Spoons (6) - Old English Bead with Funereal Dedications - London 1784-1807 - 22cm long; 490g - EH/1419

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These are an exceptionally rare set of six Georgian silver table spoons, comprising three pairs that commemorate the death of a person and stating their age and date of death. We don't recall seeing such a set of spoons before!

All the spoons are in Old English Bead pattern and each pair is engraved and dated to the front terminal and hallmarked to the corresponding year. The three pairs are engraved:

  1. Will. Gray Died 20 July 1784 aged 89 - hallmarked London 1784 by George Smith
  2. Martha Castle died 19th Feb 1788 aged 58 - hallmarked London 1787/8 by George Smith & William Fearn
  3. Martha Shrubsole died 19 Jan 1808 aged 61 - hallmarked London 1807/8 by William Eley

The connection between each name so far eludes us, but as the spoons are identical matches and have stayed together over the years, there must be some, possibly family, connection.

These are high quality spoons with a good weight and possibly because of their tender purpose they appear to have been rarely used and are consequently in superb condition with crisp decoration and engraving, an antique patina and good, thick bowl tips. A fabulous set of silver spoons!