182-piece Decorated Bead Silver Canteen of Cutlery in Wooden Chest, London 1868

Silver canteen of cutlery in wooden chest london 1868
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182-piece Canteen – Decorated Bead Pattern - Hallmark: London 1868 by Chawner & Company – Weight: 12,975 grams (417.2 tr.oz.) - Ref. No.: PP/5269

182-piece Decorated Bead Pattern Silver Canteen, London 1868 by Chawner & Company

The Service

We are pleased to be offering a huge, Victorian 182-piece silver canteen in the popular Decorated Bead Pattern.

Remarkably, this is a straight service with all 182 pieces bearing sterling hallmarks for London 1868 by Chawner & Company. All pieces bear an original engraved crest featuring a dove with olive branch to the front.

The service is contained within its original iron bound chest with three removable trays lined with blue baize. There are plenty of extra spaces in the box, plus a large space at the base of the box (blue baize removed) for adding extra pieces if required.

The chest is a bonus for the service and we have kept all the Victorian pieces that remain in the box and are offering them together at a very competitive price. However, we are aware that not everyone might want the chest or indeed not all the pieces that are available might be needed, so we are willing to be flexible about the supply of this service to meet your requirements and consequently the price will be appropriately altered. Additionally, we can offer modern knives and/or round bowled soup spoons that complement this set. See “options” shown below.

The price shown is for all 182 original pieces and the wooden chest.

Decorated Bead Pattern

The plain version of Old English Bead Pattern was first introduced circa 1780 and continues to be produced today. However, the addition of engraved decoration to the plain surfaces of the handle front is a much scarcer variation and adds an extra dimension to the design. It is extremely rare to find a full service in this pattern and we are fortunate to have found this extensive canteen.

The Maker

All the original boxed items were hand wrought in London during the mid-Victorian period by the most important company of silver flatware makers of the period – Chawner & Company – under the leadership of George W Adams (working period 1840 to 1882). All pieces bear his “GA” makers mark.


This 182-piece service consists of the following:

Tray 1:

  • 56 table forks – 20.8cm
  • 34 dessert forks – 17.8cm
  • 1 butter knife - 19.6cm

The 56 table forks all lined up together make a fantastic statement. There are gaps for 4 table forks and 2 dessert forks.

Tray 2:

  • 36 dessert spoons – 17.9cm
  • 15 teaspoons – 14.2cm
  • 3 egg spoons – 12.2cm
  • 3 salt spoons – 10.8cm

There is a useful vacant space in this tray that could be used for storing additional pieces (soup spoons shown and not included in the price). There are gaps for 4 dessert spoons, 9 teaspoons, 3 egg spoons, 1 salt spoon and a pair of sugar tongs.

Tray 3:

  • 26 table spoons – 22.6cm
  • Soup ladle – 34cm
  • 2 basting spoons – 30.5cm
  • 4 sauce ladles – 18.5cm
  • Sugar sifter spoon - 15.6cm

There is a useful vacant space in this tray that could be used for storing additional pieces (knives shown and not included in the price). There are gaps for 4 table spoons.

Total weight of weighable silver is 12,975 grams (417.2 troy ounces).


We have a great deal of flexibility with this service. For example here are some ideas.

  • Add up to 18 modern silver handled table knives and 18 matching dessert knives with stainless steel blades in a similar design (see photo). Cost for 36 knives is £1800.
  • Add up to 12 modern round-bowled soup spoons in a similar design (see photo). Cost for 12 soup spoons is £720.
  • Remove the wooden chest and swap for cutlery rolls
  • Remove unwanted pieces to reduce cost
  • Any combination of the above

Please contact us with how you would prefer this service to be supplied and we shall be happy to provide a quote.


The silver cutlery is in excellent original condition throughout. All forks have full and equal length tines. All the spoon bowls retain their original tips. Each piece is in original hand-polished condition with an attractive patina.


This canteen is stored within an iron bound chest or strong box with two carrying handles. Evidence in the form of railway stickers to the top, show that the box has been used to transport the cutlery around and consequently there is significant wear and tear to the box and small amounts of damage (e.g. a crack across the top). The box however remains strong, secure ,perfectly usable and most importantly - full of character!

Inside, the chest is mostly fine with minor wear and tear to the trays. The box has a very spacious base (18.5cm deep) that would once most likely have stored a silver tea service. This has been stripped of all fittings and baize, but would still make a useful storage area. There is no locking key.


All of our canteens are offered with a full money-back guarantee. We are also happy to send a sample place setting for approval, on receipt of a fully refundable surety payment - just phone or email your preferences. Alternatively, in-person viewings are welcome by appointment