90-piece Silver Palm Pattern Canteen of Cutlery for 12 1867 by Chawner & Co

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90-piece Canteen - Palm Pattern (12 place settings) - Hallmark: London 1866 - 1903 by George Adams (mostly) – Weight: 4600 grams (148 troy ounces) plus 24 silver handled knives - Ref. No.: JE/4541

Palm Pattern Silver 90-piece Canteen of Cutlery, London 1866 to 1903 by George Adams (mostly)

We are very pleased to be offering a rare opportunity for you to buy one of the most sought after flatware pattern of the 19th century - Palm Pattern.

This is a super quality canteen with each piece having a hefty weight and the sumptuous Palm pattern design. All the standard place setting pieces are available for 12 sittings, plus we have some spares in stock should you want to add to the set. In addition, there are some fabulous serving items that include a large soup ladle and an amazing pair of 30cm long serving spoons (often called basting or gravy spoons).

Amazingly there are some 19th century knives included in this service! We have never come across knives in this pattern before and the silver handles are in stunning condition and fitted with later 20th century blades which makes them perfectly practicable. Six of the dessert knives were made to match in the early 1980's by CJ Vander, and other than the hallmarks you would be hard pushed to spot the difference.

The majority of this service bears the "GA" makers mark for George Adams who was the manager of Chawner & Company - the leading maker of hand-wrought silver cutlery in the 19th century. The later pieces that bear other maker's marks (see list below) will still have been made from the original pattern dies and so are identical in appearance, size and proportions. 

As the service is composed from a variety of part sets, there are an assortment of engravings, but the vast majority of pieces are free from any engravings - a full inventory is shown below, but the pieces work extremely well together and are a pleasure to behold.

Palm Pattern

Born out of the mid-Victorian taste for naturalistic forms, Palm pattern is one of the most cherished of all designs and features palm leaves along the edges of the handles. It was produced by Chawner & Company (George Adams) and is described thus in "Silver Flatware" by Ian Pickford - "services are known to exist, but are very rare. Odd pieces may be found, but building a service would be extremely difficult". A rare service indeed!


12 Table Knives - 26cm long - London 1889 by Hunt & Roskell - no engravings (12)

12 Dessert Knives - 22.2cm long - London 1889 by Hunt & Roskell (6) & London 1981 by C J Vander (6) - no engravings (12)

12 Table Forks - 20.2cm long - London 1867 by George Adams - no engravings (5), 1869/74 by George Adams - crest to front (5) & 1866 by George Adams - monogram to front (2)

12 Dessert Forks - 17cm long - London 1866/7 by George Adams - no engravings (8), 1887 by Hunt & Roskell - no engravings (1), 1897 by Gibson & Langman - no engravings (2) & 1867 by George Adams - monogram to front (1)

12 Table Spoons - 22cm long - London 1867 by George Adams - no engravings (3), London 1866/77 by George Adams - monogram to front (4) & London 1896 by Gibson & Langman - crest to front (5)

12 Dessert Spoons - 18cm long - London 1860/63/67/75 by George Adams - no engravings (12) 

12 Teaspoons - 14.6cm long - London 1867/75 by George Adams - no engravings (3), London 1887 by Hunt & Roskell - no engravings (6) & London 1867 by George Adams - monogram to front (3) 

Soup Ladle - 34.5cm long - London 1903 by Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater - crest to front

Pair Basting Spoons - 30cm long - London 1903 by Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater - crest to front

Sauce Ladle - 18.5cm long - London 1875 by George Adams - no engravings

Pair Sugar Shovels  - 14.6cm long - London 1881 by George Adams - no engravings

Total weight is 4600 grams (148 tr.oz.), plus the 24 silver handled knives.


This service is supplied in seven purple cutlery rolls. The serving pieces are supplied loose.


A major bonus with this canteen is the excellent condition - each piece has crisp decoration. The spoon bowls have unworn tips and the fork tines are all equal length. 


All our canteens are offered with a full money-back guarantee. We are also happy to send a sample place setting for approval, on receipt of a fully refundable surety payment - just phone or email your preferences. Alternatively, in-person viewings are welcome by appointment or via Zoom.