Wine Goblets & Ewer Suite, 1975

Silver wine ewer with goblets Birmingham 1975 by Courtman Silver
Silver wine ewer with goblets Birmingham 1975 by Courtman Silver DSCN0625 DSCN0626 v2 DSCN0628 v2 DSCN0609 v3 suite silver punch bowl with ladle goblets and wine ewer v2


Wine Goblets (6) & Ewer - Cut-card Acanthus Decoration - Birmingham 1975/6 by Courtman Silver Ltd (London) - Goblet -15cm high & 170ml volume; Ewer - 26cm high; 700ml volume; 2410g combined gross weight - MP/1575

This is an outstanding quality suite of six silver wine goblets with matching wine ewer. Each piece has a satisfyingly heavy feel in the hand and just exudes high class.

The half dozen goblets in this suite each stand on a sturdy pedestal foot and are superbly decorated with acanthus and stiff leaf decoration around their bases - this is applied which is a tricky silversmithing technique and avoids having the indents from embossing to the interior and so gives a polished and easily cleaned cup interior. 

The tall, silver wine pitcher is similarly decorated and has a lovely elegant form with a pouring spout and looped silver handle. Although it will hold a bottle's worth of wine, this jug can of course be used for other purposes (e.g. water, Pimms etc).

To complement this ewer and goblet set, we are also currently offering a matching punch bowl and ladle in the same design - see final 2 photos and the link below. The goblets would be ideal for use with punch, freeing up the jug to be used for other drinks.