Victorian Cow Creamer, 1899

victorian silver cow cream jug 1899
victorian silver cow cream jug 1899 dscn7704 2 dscn7705 2 dscn7706 1 silver cow creamer after john schuppe


Cream Jug - Cow form - London 1899 import by William Moering - 6.5cm high; 9.5cm long; 69g - TE/6903

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This lovely, novelty silver cream jug is in the form of a cow and is a great copy of the mid 18th century examples by John Schuppe. The jug is held with the looped tail and the cream is poured out through the mouth. There is a hinged opening in the middle of the back for adding cream. This cow creamer bears a full set of London import hallmarks, has a nice feeling in the hand and is in fine original condition.